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     LLC “Sayron-Komron" under the trademark “PARDOKHT.TJ" one of the youngest companies in the service industry of electronic payment systems and today occupies a leading position among the companies offering similar services.

     Company «» professionally engaged in the integration of payment systems in the real sector of the market. «» has worked on and successfully developed the market of payment systems in March 2009. Company «» is a undisputed market leader in the Republic of Tajikistan, giving subscribers the most convenient, reliable, and quick way to pay for cellular operators, Internet service providers, commercial television and IP-telephony. The system is designed to charge accounts of external payment systems, contributions to charitable funds, payment of utility bills, fines, traffic police and vehicle inspection, as well as other goods and services.

      The official commercial launch of our company was on 11 March 2009, and within a short period of time, our experts-professionals in the field of implementation of payment technologies have managed to raise the company «» to the level of the leader among companies providing similar services in the market of Tajikistan. The developers, as well as the personnel of «» have a vast experience in implementing and maintaining an electronic payment system, as evidenced by the achievement of leadership in a short period of time. Our success also lies in our own software development. If we have problems, they will be solved very efficiently and quickly, while other payment systems depend on their foreign developers. This is preventing the timely resolution of encountered problems.

     Today, our company provides subscribers with the most convenient, reliable and quick way to pay for all cellular operators, Internet service providers, commercial television and IP-telephony. Company «» offers integrated technology solutions for organizations of payment-acceptance points: hardware and software adapted for any work environment. Our system provides high-speed processing of transactions. The processing center of «», in real time, receives signals from all terminals of the network, processes them, communicates with the payment gateway operators, and returns to each terminal for confirmation of committing a transaction.

     One of the advantages of «» is the possibility of forming any unique reporting in real time, and the existence of the rights of the Chief Manager in the System allows you to configure and monitor the payment at any level of interest in any aspect. Versatility and flexibility of solutions has led to the discovery of payment acceptance points in all regions of Tajikistan. The work of highly skilled professionals allows companies to create quickly the most comfortable working environment for our partners, ensuring a steady growth in profits for each dealer and partner. «» is constantly working to improve and ensure quality of service that guarantees a stable leading position in the market of payment systems. Nowadays dealer base of the company amounts to more than 3500 outlets (trading points), and this number is growing every day. Each outlet (trading point) has the ability easily, fast and very conveniently to make money, so our company provides a minimum of 3500 job vacancies.

     On August 1, 2009, for the first time in the history of the payment systems market in the Republic of Tajikistan, the company «» was launched on the new Java-Manager with the best available services that simplify the work of the agents and improved the quality of service dealers. In the development of Java-Manager we have taken all the requests of our dealers and sub-dealers.

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Индиго Тадж.
Индиго Сом.
TK Moбайл

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Express Pay
Паеми Аджам
Арк Тадж.
Mobi Pay
Tez Pur

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