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Windows-terminal 1.10 New
Unlike the first version of a functional c convenient menu and skillful design. More




Model Contract Agent - (russian)
Model Contract Subagent - Agent (russian)
Appendix № 1 - Prices excluding VAT (russian)
Appendix № 1 - Prices include VAT (russian)
Appendix № 3 - Sample check for the client (russian)
Appendix № 4 - Application for the cancellation of payment (russian)
Appendix № 5 - Sample of bank receipts (russian)


     Windows-terminal 2.2 (15.07.2011) New
     "Windows - terminal" is a very simple program that does not require a lot of time on training. "Windows - terminal is equipped with a convenient menu and speed of execution of operations. The advantages of "Windows – terminal”, compared with the" Web – terminal”, are to reduce the possibility of erroneous payments to a minimum and additional functionality.
       "Windows – terminal” is recommended to use where there is an opportunity to put a computer with internet access. As a connection is recommended to use a dedicated line, but you can select other options, such as mobile Internet (GPRS).
     Note: To use the "Windows – terminal”, you must create it in the personal office of an agent and need to bind this terminal with the cashier. 
     Download Windows-terminal 2.1

     Java-terminal 1.0
Works on most phones of old and new generation, supporting Java-based applications and GPRS-connection. Not requires large resources of the phone.
     You can download an application from a mobile phone site

     Java-terminal 2.1
The new terminal is equipped with Java-friendly menus, clever design and the speed of execution of operations. Works on modern models, phones Nokia, Sony-Ericson, Samsung, LG ... - Supporting Java-based applications and GPRS-connection. Unlike the first version of Java-terminal is more functional.
      You can download an application from a mobile phone site

     Advertising products

     Dear dealers!

     All advertising models with logo of the "" company, manufactured by you, should be agreed with the competent employee of the "" company. To confirm the layout file must be sent to the address: or marked in the theme "confirmation", by the obligatory indication Dealer\ Agent ID and planned placement of advertising materials.

     Remember that the use of brand symbols without permission is a violation of the copyright, and thus made all promotional materials are counterfeit and could be confiscated, with the assistance of the violators to administrative and civil liability.

     Company logo in the JPG, PDF, WMF formats
     Banner 60cm to 84cm 15MB format JPG

Service of what cellular operator do you use?
Индиго Тадж.
Индиго Сом.
TK Moбайл

What payment system are you using?
Express Pay
Паеми Аджам
Арк Тадж.
Mobi Pay
Tez Pur

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