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     Q: How can I prove to the customer, the passage of a payment?
     A: Some companies have the opportunity to check the history of the last payment through the USSD request, for example:

Babilon-M *2001#3#
MLT *102#
Indigo *102#
     If in companies there is no possibility of seeking the history of the last payment using USSD commands, please contact their Call-Center:
Babilon-M (992 918) 61-61-61 \ 2006
Beeline (992 372) 29-06-11 \ 0611
INDIGO Tajikistan (992 93) 505-00-00
MLT (992 90) 770-05-00
TK-Mobile (992 95) 100-00-00
INDIGO Somoncom (992 92) 777-77-77
M-Teko (992 96) 222-22-22
SkyTel (992 372) 21-48-44
Babilon-T (992 44) 600-60-60
Telecom Technology (992 48) 700-00-00

    Q: How do I know the operator code?
     A:Below is a list of codes of all partners of

      International operators:
MTC: 910, 911, 912, 913, 914, 915, 916, 917, 918, 919, 980, 981, 982, 985, 987, 988
Mегафон: 920, 921, 922, 923, 924, 925, 926, 927, 928, 929, 930, 931
Beeline: 903, 905, 906, 909, 960, 961, 962, 963, 965
Beeline KG: 770, 771, 772, 773, 775, 777, 778, 779
Beeline UA: 039, 063, 067, 068, 093, 096, 097, 098
Beeline KZ: 705, 777
Beeline UZ: 90, 91
MTС Belarus: 29, 33
Tele2: 902, 904, 908, 950, 951, 952, 916
Megacom: 996
Nur Telecom: 996
Operators of Tajikistan:
Babilon-Mobile: 918, 98
Beeline TJ: 91
Indigo Tajikistan (Tcell): 93
Indigo Somoncom (Tcell): 92
MLT: 90
Tk-mobile: 1995
M-Teko: 96
Skytel: 97
TajikMobile: 31/32/33 (87 * ****), 1999 (888 ****), 37 (88 * ****)
TojikUnicom: 47 (44 * ****)

NGN operators of  RT:
Babilon-T: 44
Telecom Technology: 48
Intercom: 42
Eastera: 43

Codes of districts and towns


Q: Why do not you cancel mistakenly-transferred payments of companies "TK-Mobile" and "Indigo Tajikistan"?
     A: "Indigo Tajikistan" in accordance with paragraph 3.12. "Contract about transferring payments" on March 11, 2009, not recalculates the amounts of erroneous payments. This solution was adopted by the administration of “Indigo Tajikistan” Company after the careless attitude to the cancellation of erroneous payments from certain payment systems.
     “TK-Mobile" Company is not recalculates the amounts of mistakenly entered payments as the billing system of the partner company can not cancel these payments.

     Q: What is the consumption of internet traffic when payment was transferred from «JAVA-terminal"?
     A: «JAVA-terminal" of our company was made the most economical. Sending a single payment does not exceed 1 kilobyte of Internet traffic.

     Q: What should I do if I sent payment through «JAVA-terminal" and the program requires to check my internet settings?
     A: Start by checking balance of your SIM-card. Maybe your SIM-card is not in service. If problem is not in balance, so try to restart your cellphone. Sometimes it happens that internet service hangs, in this case, restarting the cellphone helps to solve the problem. If the above steps do not help, then you should ask your dealer or go to the main office of «» or call customer service 640-80-80.

     Q: What are the conditions and the minimum amount of cancellation?
     A: Providers do cancellation procedure, if the balance of subscriber, whom was transferred erroneous payment, has the necessary amount. Payment amount less than 3 somoni  is not subject for cancellation. The cancellation procedure accepts all providers except  "Indigo-Tajikistan" and "TK-Mobile”.

     Q: How can I transfer funds to my subagents, if I don`t have access to the computer which is connected to Internet?
     A: Recently, our programmers were developed «JAVA-manager", by which a superior agent have an opportunity: view the balance of subagents, enroll and withdraw from Subagents accounts, download cashier history. This application is designed specifically to numerous requests from our agents.

     Q: How can I prevent unauthorized access to my personal account? How to secure your password?
     A: To prevent unauthorized access to your personal account and secure your password you should do the following:
     - From time to time to change the password;
     - Do not store the username and password in a text file on your computer;
     - Do not give your login and password to anyone via e-mail, instant messenger or by telephone;
     - When you enter your login and password, make sure that no one is spying the entering of your login password;
     - If you want to log in from someone else's computer, make sure that there is not installed spyware;
     - Do not use the save login and password option which is proposed by  browser.
     - Create complex passwords, so nobody could not pick them up..

     Q: Who should I contact if I forgot my password?
     A: All passwords in the system closed, so if you forgot your password, you will have to change it. To change the password you need to appeal to the superior agent or go to the office of the company «Pardokht.TJ», when it is necessary have your passport.

     If you do not find here the answers to your questions, you can ask them on our forum. we will certainly respond to them!

Service of what cellular operator do you use?
Индиго Тадж.
Индиго Сом.
TK Moбайл

What payment system are you using?
Express Pay
Паеми Аджам
Арк Тадж.
Mobi Pay
Tez Pur

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