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  • Charging the accounts of subscribers of cellular networks( mobile companies)

  • A significant portion of the revenues of mobile operators is collected in a wide and constantly-growing network of payment systems "PARDOKHT.TJ not only in the city of Dushanbe, but also in other regions of the Republic. However, we facilitate the gradual transition from the outdated payment systems, which are inconvenient and uneconomical for operators and subscribers.

  • Our partners - the cellular network operators - have the ability to create a new base of subscribers with very low average income per user. The flexibility of our system can handle even micropayments whose amount is 1 Somoni. Such subscribers can spend a month not more than 10-15 somoni and stay in touch. On the other hand, cellular operators increase their average revenue from more affluent subscribers, as they almost never are blocked by the availability of our terminals, many of which operate day and night. It is also beneficial for mobile operators, because the payment system "PARDOKHT.TJ" removes the burden from operator`s centers of service, and there is no need to deploy new ones.

  • All cellular operators appreciate our work, because the system "PARDOKHT.TJ" is very simple and convenient; operators do not need to devote significant financial or organizational resources in order to be able to work with us. We undertake all technical work and help our partners get closer to their users for the dealers’ network of points of sale, trade and service companies

  • Using of Internet solutions. "PARDOKHT.TJ" gives to the dealer a number of significant advantages, such as: the convenience and simplicity of the interface, minimal paperwork, calculation speed and the optimization of costs of the payments in the service points. The proposed technology of receiving payments works only in real time. If the payer has made payment in the cash in trading-service enterprises, the system instantly charges the account of the Service Provider Company and personal account of the payer in the billing system of the provider. As a service provider, we can serve any organization providing services to the public (mobile operators, housing and communal services, power generation companies, operators, and digital cable television, Internet service providers, and others)

  • To get started, you need to sign a contract between a dealer or trade-service company and "PARDOKHT.TJ", maintaining a working balance on the account, which can accept payments. The customer’s account replenishes the transactions in the on-line mode while payment is received, and the money, thus deducted from the virtual current account in the "PARDOKHT.TJ, transfers to the cellular operator. Each month to the account of the company credits the commission for the successful payments.

  • A significant achievement of the payment system "PARDOKHT.TJ" is the choice of payment method and using of various devices for a payment, depending on the abilities of dealers.

  • System "PARDOKHT.TJ" maintains detailed records of all transactions using any of these mechanisms, and the total of payment statistics is available in the On-Line mode for the dealer manager at the company's website.

Service of what cellular operator do you use?
Индиго Тадж.
Индиго Сом.
TK Moбайл

What payment system are you using? 64.5%
Express Pay 10.1%
ОСМП 7.1%
Eurofon 5.8%
Таулинк 5.7%
Tez Pur 2.1%
Паеми Аджам 1.7%
Plazma 1.5%
Арк Тадж. 1.0%
Mobi Pay 0.6%
Total votes: 1443

at 21-10-2018

= 6.2602
= 6.8462
= 0.1160