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Windows-terminal 1.10 New
Unlike the first version of a functional c convenient menu and skillful design. More



Nowadays, "PARDOKHT.TJ" works with the following types of terminals.

WEB Terminal is an online workplace for dealers developed by "PARDOKHT.TJ". The client, who works with the system through the site, has the opportunity to enjoy all the basic functions of the system. The advantage of this option is available in that it is not tied to any program. You do not need anything extra to install and configure, and you can operate the system at any point on the globe, on any computer that is running the Web-browser which is connected to Internet! To enter the Web terminal, you must be logged in and have a login and password of manager.Go to the page with Web-terminal..

     Windows - terminal "- a rather simple program that does not require a lot of time on the training of cashiers.« Windows-Terminal »v. 2.0 has a great functionality, easy to use menu, sleek design and high speed operations. Compared with the" Web-Terminal " "Windows-Terminal" v. 2.0, has enormous opportunities and benefits.
Payment System strongly recommends the use of sophisticated, multi-Windows-Terminal and actually experience the full capabilities of the new version of the product.
Note: To use "Windows-Terminal", you must create it in a private cabinet and an agent to bind to the cashier. If your computer has an old version of "Windows-Terminal", then before installing the new version is recommended to remove it through - Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs (Note: All data will be lost after removal). Go to the download page Windows-terminal


JAVA application – terminal is the software developed by "PARDOKHT.TJ" specifically for mobile phones supporting J2M. This type of terminal will allow you at any time and anywhere to pay for cellular service, satellite TV, Internet access and much more for yourselves, your relatives, friends and colleagues. You do not need to buy additional equipment. After installing the application, your mobile phone will serve as a payment terminal. The installation procedure is so simple that you can do it by yourself. After installing the Java-based applications, you will immediately be able to transfer the payments. The application is available on the WAP site of the company "PARDOKHT.TJ".
  POS-terminal. A compact full-featured device,that can quickly and easily transfer electronic transactions, which meets all current safety requirements. The terminals are lightweight and has powerful batteries, which makes them a convenient option for portable solutions. "PARDOKHT.TJ" works with the following types of POS Terminal: Nurit, Lipman. 

Self-service terminal is a device that allows customers to self-pay for different services with cash.
General rules for using self-service terminals:
- Perform all necessary operations on the terminal is accompanied by detailed instructions on-screen terminal.
- Actions are performed by pressing the front of a legend on the terminal screen
- Services are collected in the main group on the types of payments
- Data input is carried out with the digital terminal keyboard or using a barcode reader
- For each transferred transaction customer of self-service terminals gets a check - an official document confirming the payment.




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