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Windows-terminal 1.10 New
Unlike the first version of a functional c convenient menu and skillful design. More


Released 2 new software developments!


Dear Agents, Clients and Partners of the company, we are pleased to announce, that launched two new developments:

1. New version of mobile application JAVA Manager v. 2.1
2. New version of software for payment terminals

     JAVA Manager v.2.1 -is a mobile application for Agents for the sharing balance for their subagent network. «JAVA Manger» is very simple and easy to install, configure and use. The application is equipped with high functionality, user-friendly menus, elegant design and high speed operations. Compared with the previous version, "JAVA Manager" v.2.1 has great features and benefits. All comments and suggestions of our Agents were taken into account in the new application.


The new application works on most modern mobile phones that support Java-based applications and GPRS-connection.
Payment System informs agents who owns subagent network to upgrade mobile application Java-Manager, by downloading it from WAP-site of the company ( and actually feel the full capabilities of the new updated version of the product.


     The new version of software for payment terminals.

     The new version of software for payment terminals can be considered as the FLAGSHIP of our company. The latest achievements of our payment system implemented in this version, the introduction of new features and options in payment terminals. Important updates and additions include:

     1. Integration of a "Quick Payment". With this option the client can just select the button "Quick Payment" and dial the number. In the process of entering the number, the program automatically determines the operator. It should be noted that this feature only works with the following statements:

Babilon-M (918, 98)           Telecom Technology (NGN) (48)
MLT (90)                          Intercom (NGN) (42)
Beeline (91)                      Eastera (NGN) (43)
Tcell (92,93,50)                Unicorp (NGN) (61)
TК-mobile (95)                 TajikMobile (37, 33, 31, 32)
Babilon-T (NGN) (44)         Tajikunicom (47)

     2. Comfortable, colorful and intuitive interface design. With a new sleek design and user-friendly, subscribers will be pleasant and very easy to deposit and transfer funds in favor of the proposed operators and services.

     3. Professional text and narration of all the action on the four-terminal tyreh languages. Due to numerous requests from our customers, it was decided to implement support for the four most widely spoken languages in the Republic of Tajikistan - Tajik this, Russian, Uzbek and English. Now the subscriber rather choose the language and the terminal will help him in carrying out the payment.

     We hope that issued the development will have to taste and enjoy everything, even the most demanding user and the agent system. All of which makes and where the company "PARDOKHT.TJ", aimed at achieving maximum convenience, quality service and quick execution of payments. In point is our success and all your positive feedback to the company.

     The company "PARDOKHT.TJ" will continue to do everything possible to meet all the needs and wishes of our agents, customers and partners.

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